High resolution satellite images of pyramid shaped mountain in south west corner of Bolivian Altiplano

pyramid mountain Bolivia

It first came to my attention perusing some images posted on a page by Brian Johnston "Pyramid Mountain Lake Poopo" from his website....
Brian kindly provided me the co-ordinates so I could check it out myself on Google Earth.

Location of the feature in the south west corner of the Altiplano.

A close-up on Google earth certainly looks at first sight like the remains of a constructed pyramid. In Bolivia and Peru, there are many natural features which look man-made, and many man-made features which look natural. It was the practise in ancient times to alter the landscape to emphasise certain features. In Pumiri, on the northern edge of the rectangular Altiplano, there are the remains of many highly weathered rocks taking on the shapes of animals and birds,

stone buffalo Pumiri
one for example clearly represents a bison or buffalo, an animal thought to have only inhabited North America.

stone pyramid Bolivia
Another pyramid, again difficult to tell if man-made or natural, is to be found leaning up against the side of a cliff near the village of San Bartolomeo, not far from Pumiri.

The Pyramid Mountain which Brian has discovered near Chiguana in the extreme south west corner of the Altiplano measures around 1,420 feet on a side, making it double the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

The circular platform on top measures around 439 feet in diameter, a tempting 260 cubits which incidentally, is the length of the side of the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

volcanic cone Viacha
Above, this megalithic site at Viacha near la Paz has a volcanic cone about 915ft in diameter with a flat, circular platform on top and another smaller one to the side. The central one is about 117ft in diameter and the smaller about 110ft or 100 cubits in diameter. The volcanic cone has two concentric mgalithic rings dug around it, the outer one 3,000 feet in diameter.

This oblique view shows the pyramidal aspect of the Chiguana pyramid mountain.

Another oblique view showing the pyramidal aspect of the feature.

Oblique view showing the pyramidal aspect of the feature.

The location in this remote part of the Altiplano means the likelyhood of few visitors although it is just off the highway leading from Uyuni down into Chile, an area of outstanding natural beauty and famous for the coloured lakes in the region.
Now we await ground shots from the first person to check it out on site. ...

pyramid mountain Pumiri
Ground view of a pyramid-like mountain seen from the Biggeman hotel/mining complex near Pumiri.

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J.M. Allen
March 2016