Pampa Aullagas
Legend of Atlantis

Incas welcome to Atlantis Pampa Aullagas
"Welcome to Atlantis!"

contemporary illustration of atlantis
as featured in the documentary by Discovery Channel
"Atlantis in the Andes"

Plan of Atlantis city
plan of Atlantis according to Plato.

Lost Atlantis poster
Pampa Aullagas still has the remains of concentric rings of land and depressions which
would have held water when the nearby lake or inland sea had a higher level.

Atlantis reconstruction Pampa Aullagas
reconstruction of land and water circles at Pampa Aullagas.

contemporary illustration of atlantis
contemporary illustration of Atlantis

contemporary illustration of atlantis
contemporary illustration of Atlantis

inside one of the circular Atlantic canals at Pampa Aullagas
one of the circular channels

tourists visit circular atlantis canal at Pampa Aullagas
tourists visit one of the circular channels

Atlantis channel at Pampa Aullagas
view of one of the circular channels at Pampa Aullagas

Atlantis canal at Pampa Aullagas
climbing into the circular channels, south side.

middle Atlantis channel at Pampa Aullagas
middle channel south east side.

inner Atlantis canal Pampa Aullagas
view of the middle circular channel on the northern side

outer atlantis canal Pampa Aullagas
view of the outer channel on west side.

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas connecting channel
this passageway connects the outer channel to the middle channel on west side.

looking for cut stones at Atlantis Pampa Aullagas
general view.

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas view
general view of inner ring looking towards the lake.

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas inner ring
general view of inner ring looking towards Quillacas.

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas looking towards lake Poopo
general view looking towards Lake Poopo.

view from Atlantis Pampa Aullagas towards Lake Poopo
View from the summit looking towards lake Poopo.

Pampa Aullagas view towards Lake Poopo
panorama towards lake Poopo.

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas acropolis
general view of the acropolis

summit of Atlantis Pampa Aullagas
view of summit.

summit of Atlantis Pampa Aullagas
view of level platform in centre of summit cone or acropolis.

ascending path Atlantis Pampa Aullagas
looking back down the ascending path.

Atlantis location map Pampa Aullagas
Location of Pampa Aullagas to the south of Lake Poopo

Oruro plan
plan of city of Oruro

Atlantis canals grid Pampa Aullagas
One of the main features of Atlantis was a smooth level rectangular shaped plain with the island city at its centre next to the sea.
The rectangular-shaped Altiplano conforms very well to this description and has the mountain at Pampa Aullagas at its centre.

Atlantis city Atlantis city boat
some popular concepts of Atlantis with its central island surround by rings of land and water.

The Bolivian legend of a missing city sunk by earthquakes and floods is called The Legend of the Desaguadero. The locals report that part of the original site was destroyed in "el gran diluvio" - the Great Flood. The lake was also formerly called Lake Aullagas.

Pampa Aullagas is also said to be home of the water god Tunapa - the equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon and according to Bolivian legend Tunapa married a local girl and subsequently created the ringed formation at Pampa Aullagas - surely the origins of Plato's Atlantis story of Poseidon marrying Cleito and "breaking the hill off all round about......"

Pampa Aullagas Atlantis water level
The mountain is surrounded by a band of stones covered in white, fossilised lake deposits which show the original level of the lake at a much higher level than today, the surrounding plain has also dropped in elevation.

Pampa Aullagas springs
Hot and cold springs also exist nearby.

Atlantis white stone Pampa Aullagas Atlantis black stone Pampa Aullagas

Atlantis red stone Pampa Aullagas
White, black and red stones were a feature of Atlantis and are to be found at Pampa Aullagas.

sandy bay at tlantis Pampa Aullagas
beautiful sandy bay at Pampa Aullagas, if only the sea would come back!

Pampa Aullagas cactus
flowering cactus in Pampa Aullagas

Pampa Aullagas tourist map
tourist map of Pampa Aullagas

Pampa Aullagas
Victor Villca of Pampa Aullagas welcomes tourists

Pampa Aullagas
celebrating New year, 21st JUNE at Pampa Aullagas, year 5516 of the Aymara calendar, year 2008 of the western calendar

Pampa Aullagas fiesta
fiesta in Pampa Aullagas

Pampa Aullagas plaza principal
plaza principal in Pampa Aullagas

Pampa Aullagas Atlantis solstice Aymara new year
New year, 21st June, the winter solstice at Pampa Aullagas, year 5516 of the Aymara calendar

Pampa Aullagas the band
a welcome from the band

Pampa Aullagas music
a little light music

Pampa Aullagas Atlantis oblique satellite view
Oblique view of Pampa Aullagas in the dry season with Lake Poopo beyond Click for more oblique views

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas rio Marquez
view of Atlantis Pampa Aullagas from the rio Marquez

Atlantis location map

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas hotel front
front view of hotel at Pampa Aullagas

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas hotel complex
hotel complex at Pampa Aullagas

Atlantis Pampa Aullagas hotel unit
one of the hotel units at Pampa Aullagas
each unit has two rooms

Pampa Aullagas hotel room
one of the hotel rooms at Pampa Aullagas, each room has private bathroom.

for advice or to organise your visit and stay at Pampa Aullagas, please contact Eduardo Montaño of Showroom Atlantis Bolivia
La Paz: Edif. 16 de Julio PB. Loc 6 (Prado)
Tels. (591) 2- 2315153 / 2310463 / Cel. 73064446

volcan tunupa and the salars
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volcan Tunupa and the salars

sailing to Atlantis
sailing to Atlantis, Pampa Aullagas in the wet season
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The present village of Pampa aullagas was founded on the 3rd of May 1573 with the name of "Villa Real de Aullagas de Uruquillas" by Pedro de Zarate, amongst others.
Fue fundada el 3 de mayo de 1573 con el nombre de "Villa Real de Aullagas de Uruquillas" por Pedro de Zárate, entre otros.

Pampa Aullagas page by Jim Allen, author "Atlantis: the Andes Solution", "The Atlantis Trail", "Atlantis: Lost Kingdom of the Andes".

Pampa Aullagas Atlantis flag