Tiwanaku 3 years Animated Calendar

tiwanaku calendar 3 years animation
Animation of 3 years of the Tiwanaku calendar, counting 40 weeks of 9 days, 20 half-months of 18 days, 10 months of 36 days: sidereal lunar months, zocam years of 20 sidereal months, acrotom years of 40 sidereal months or 3 solar years, the Saros cycles of 18 solar years = 20 Inca years of 12 sidereal months.

Above, the chasqui icons are arranged vertically in threes - every three solar years was equal to 40 sidereal lunar months, marked by the 40 condor's heads on the freize, there are 30 chasquis because every thirty years an extra sidereal lunar month was added to synchronise the solar and lunar calendar. click here for 30 years animated sequence

the calendar counts:
30 solar years of 10 months solar
20 zocam years of 20 months lunar
10 acrotom years of 40 months lunar

In Ecuador, according to the calendar of the Muiscas, 20 sidereal months was known as a "Zocam" year while the period of 40 sidereal months was known as an "Acrotom" year which was also equal to 37 ordinary lunar months or 3 solar years. This corresponds perfectly well with the numbers recorded on the Gate of the Sun showing the advanced mathematical and astronomical knowledge of the ancient Tiwanakotan peoples.

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