Atlantis mermaid Images of Atlantis fate of atlantis

atlantis city
One of the best illustrations of Atlantis showing the concentric rings, though Atlantis was built on "a mountain low on all sides".

atlantis rings of land
concentric rings of land still exist at the Atlantis site, Pampa Aullagas, Bolivia

Above, the city of Atlantis and the canal to the sea, 50 stades distant.

atlantis city
Above, the city of Atlantis showing concentric rings of land and water.

atlantis on the altiplano by lee smart
above, Atlantis on the Altiplano by lee Smart

atlas of atlantis
above, Atlantis on the Altiplano from "Atlas of Atlantis"

atlantis city
Atlantis illustration from "active mind".

atlantis dreams
Atlantis Dreams by Flaviobolla.

atlantis by townsend
above, Atlantis by Townsend

atlantis and the nautilus
above, Atlantis and the Nautilus

atlantis by ron miller
above, "Atlantis" by Ron Miller from 20,000 Leagues under the Seas

atlantis rising

atlantis fate

The Atlantis island now on dry land at Pampa Aullagas (with missing half restored)
A "mountain low on all sides" as Plato called it.

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