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Graciela Hostel Oruro   Graciela Hostel Oruro   Graciela Hostel Oruro
Graciela Hostel in Oruro

Make Graciela Hostel your base for explorations in the Oruro area. We can advise on trips to the Salars, Sajama region or the site of the lost city of Atlantis as featured on the Discovery documentary "Atlantis in the Andes".

Graciela Hostel is only five blocks west of the bus terminal and well placed for the daily markets and access to the plaza principal in the centre of Oruro.

We are a small newly opened hostel and can also advise on tours of the region or arrange transportation.

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Tel 591 (2) 52-52082

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oruro city plan
Above, Oruro city plan showing Graciela Hostal.

Oruro map in pdf CLICK here

oruro plaza principal
The plaza principal or main square is a wonderful attraction right in the centre of Oruro.

oruro market stalls
Oruro is also well known for its daily campesino market and on Wednesdays and Saturdays is transformed by an even larger street market.

oruro fruit market stall
Stall of fruits in Oruro market.

The city of Oruro lies north of the salty lakes Uru-Uru and Poopó and it is just three hours (by bus) south from La Paz. Located at an altitude of 3709 metres above sea level, Oruro its well known for its cold weather during winter - remember winter in Oruro is summer in the northern hemisphere and summer in Oruro is winter in the northern hemisphere! Warmer temperatures generally take place during August, September and October.

How to get to Oruro

Several bus companies connect Oruro to the main cities of Bolivia. Travel time to: La Paz: 3-4 hours; Potosi: 5 hours; Cochabamba: 4-5 hours; Sucre: 8-10 hours; Santa Cruz de la Sierra: 18-20 hours. There are also buses to Chile.
You can also travel by train from Oruro to Uyuni and Villazon.

Routes around Oruro

oruro  market stall
Peanut stall in Oruro market.

oruro  refreshment stall
some refreshments.

oruro  icecream stall
an ice for the little one.

oruro  lions
Well, we had a great time!

Always somewhere to explore in the Oruro region - boldly go where many years before someone else went before...

chulpa west of oruro
don't forget your camera for the mysteries of a region lost in time.....

chulpas west of oruro
mysterious chulpas or burial tombs.....

oruro pottery 1   oruro pottery 2
you never know what you might find .....

chulpa copacabanita
mysterious chulpas or burial tombs...

oruro jeep safari   oruro altiplano safari
to boldly go ... and stop for lunch .....

near chipaya village the Altiplano
on our way to the Chipaya villaga on the Altiplano ...

chipaya village the Altiplano
near the Chipaya villaga on the Altiplano ...

uru chipaya houses   uru chipaya houses
traditional Uru Chipaya houses on the Altiplano ...

llamas crossing the Altiplano
llamas crossing the Altiplano ...

The Oruro region is ideal for photo safaris with its beautiful landscapes and historic setting.

Volcan Tunupa in the centre of the rectangular Altiplano rises to a height of about 5200 metres (17060ft) ....

Volcan Tunupa is in the centre of the rectangular Altiplano surrounded today by salt salars which turn to lakes in the wet season when they flood. ....

Volcan Tunupa when the salar turns into a salty sea.

The central peak of Volcan Tunupa holds up the sky.

see also Tunupa Gallery for more photos of the salars and lakes around Oruro

Volcan Sajama in the north-west corner of the rectangular Altiplano rises to 21,448ft (6537 metres) and is sometimes considered to be Pacha Mama or Mother Earth herself - Gaia in the language of the western world....

navado sajama
Nevado Sajama

see also The Atlantis Trail for more photos and recommended adventure route around Oruro