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Atlantis ...
Book 1 Atlantis: the Andes Solution
Book 2 The Atlantis Trail
Book 3 Atlantis Lost Kingdom of the Andes
Book 4 Atlantis and the Persian Empire

Due to misuse of the books which were available free to download, in particular, one individual downloading a book then removing the name of the author and substituting his own along with fake imprint of Harvard University Press, the free pdf books have been withdrawn and the Atlantis and other books are now published in paperback with Amazon CreateSpace.

Books in English

Atlantis the Andes Solution
1. "Atlantis: the Andes Solution"
The original theory of Atlantis on the Altiplano in Bolivia, first published in 1998
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The Atlantis Trail
2. "The Atlantis Trail"
The story of the various expeditions around the Altiplano before finding the site at Pampa Aullagas
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3. "Atlantis: Lost Kingdom of the Andes"
More on the site at Pampa Aullagas
large format paperback edition by Floris Books

Atlantis and the Persian Empire
4. "Atlantis and the Persian Empire"
Rationalises Plato's story into two parts, first the geographic description which belongs to South America, the Andes and the Altiplano, and secondly, the description of the war which seems to be based upon a period beginning with the Greek attacks on Troy and ending with the defeat of the Persians following on from their defeat by the Greeks at the Battle of Salamis.
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Libros en español

1. "Atlantida: la solucion andina"
atlantida la solucion andina
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2. "La Ruta de la Atlántida"
La Ruta de la Atlantida
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3. "Atlantida: Reino Perdido de los Andes"
                Atlantida: reino perdido de los Andes
Latinas Editores,              espere que sale con CreateSpace
Oruro, Bolivia

"Decoding Ezekiel's Temple"
available in paperback from Amazon Createspace
Kindle edition

easiread musical notation
"Easiread System of Musical Notation"
free editions suspended

"Decoding the Tiwanaku Calendar" Kindle edition    "Decoding the Tiwanaku Calendar" Available in paperback

"El Calendario Perdido de los Andes - el calendario de Tiwanaku y de los Muisca"   
en Amazon Create Space.

"Tiwanaku - a city lost in time" -
collection of historic photos and drawings of Tiwanaku along with analysis of the calendar and system of cubits
available in paperback from Amazon Createspace, colour edition.
available in paperback from Amazon Createspace, black and white edition.

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