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Discovering Archaeology Discovering Archaeology and the first Americans

Aztecs, Olmecs and Mayans Aztecs, Olmecs and Mayans

Chitchen-Itza Gallery  Chichen-Itza Gallery

ancient Egypt ancient Egypt

Minoan civilisationMinoan civilisation

ancient Pompei ancient Pompei

ancient Athens ancient Athens

ancient Carthage ancient Carthage

Canary Islands Canary Islands

The AzoresThe Azores

Tiahuanaco Tiahuanaco and the Deluge

images bolivia Images of Bolivia

Kota Mama ExpeditionsKota Mama Expedition Phase I Desaguadero River

Porfirio Limachi boatbuilder Porfirio Limachi, reed boatbuilder

Abora III report

David Fasold David Fasold

petro ship ships in eastern Egyptian desert

Abydos boat reconstruction, Egypt

Min Egyptian ship reconstruction, Egypt

Thor Heyerdahl Thor Heyerdahl

Oruro Gateway to atlantis Oruro Gateway to Atlantis

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Amazon pyramids of Muribecca

archaeology in the Bolivian Amazon Archaeology in the Bolivian Amazon

New finds in Brasil

New finds in Brasil, Fawcett vindicated

ancient horse in Peru skeleton of ancient horse found in Peru

In the year 2,000 the Akakor expedition discovers ancient walls submerged under lake Titicaca

In the year 2004 Akakor returns to Bolivia and finds more walls beneath Lake Titicaca.

Akakor press release 2009 relates discoveries under Lake Titicaca to Atlantis
akakor expedition Akakor video footage    transcription of akakor video


Above, antarctica free of ice
Antarctica Wikipedia facts

1421 chinese navigation 1421 Chinese circumnavigation

Hanno's voyage

sea peoples

philistine, feathered headdress
"For the LORD will spoil the Philistines, the remnant of the country of Caphtor." (Jeremiah 47:4).

Atlantis island of the west

Erythia red island in the west

Hesperides daughters of Atlas


timeless myths pantheon

Utopia Wikipedia

City of the sun (Italian work on Utopia)

The New Atlantis, Sir Francis Bacon

Isaac Newton "the chronology of ancient kingdoms" (includes Atlantis).

Herodotus, Greek gods stolen from the Egyptians.. or indo European/near east

puma punka and are stones made from concrete?
David Flynn geoglyphs page link but photos removed
david flynn geoglyphs youtube
giants in earth part I
giants in America link
numeracion Musica wikipedia

Atlantis Theories Atlantis theoriestheories and ideas about Plato's lost Atlantis

link to astertpage link to astartpage

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sailing to atlantis homepage
page 1, Atlantis is South America
page 2, the evidence
page 3, the naming of "America"
page 4, conclusion

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Sarmiento de Gamboa     Sir Francis Bacon on Atlantis     Sir Isaac Newton on Atlantis
Fuente Magna, cuneifrom dish     Bolivia and the Sumerian connection     pre-Columbian wheels page     artefacts, Atlantis and the route to the sea     atlantis origins in Bolivian legends     headgear of the Sea Peoples

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Luis Gutierrez, tour guide     Porfirio Limachi, reed boat builder     building abora III history     reed boat construction history

Pampa Aullagas     Pampa Aullagas oblique views     Santuario de Quillacas     Pumiri     Sajama     Oruro

"geoglyphs" = landforms oblique views     contour forms/irrigation Peru     contourforms/irigation Bolivia     ringed hilltops
earthquakes     Bombo earthquake route     Bombo route oblique views
tsunami     fossilised footprint discovery Bolivia     the Atlantis Trail     tunupa photo gallery

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